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Overnight Vacations

While with us, dogs are not just boarding, they are on vacation! During their vacation stay, your dog will enjoy our social environment during the day and our relaxing atmosphere in the evening. Social interaction is always monitored by our professional staff. Dogs that like to spend their time quietly and alone are provided with alone time as well. Our goal is to make sure that every dog enjoys their time with us.

Overnight Vacation (boarding)
After a long day of play, dogs enjoy their own private space, allowing them to relax.

Each dog will have their own fenced in area where they will eat and sleep. You may bring your dog's bed or we can provide one for you. Please also bring enough food, plus extra, for the duration of their vacation with us.


$55 per night/per dog
Multiple dogs receive a 10% discount

Overnight Private Retreat (boarding)
Our Private Retreat allows us to provide vacation stays for dogs that do not do well in group environments with other dogs, for any reason. Dogs enjoying a Private Retreat with us are given individual outdoor time and social time with our staff, without other dogs being present. This will ensure that your dog is comfortable and enjoys their time with us!


$70 per night/per dog
Multiple dogs receive a 10% discount 

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Daycare Service

For dogs that love to socialize and enjoy the great outdoors, RoseWood Pet Resort's Daycare service offers fully fenced play areas in a country setting, running free, enjoying the fresh air!

RoseWood is popular for its fully fenced in 1-acre park for off-leash fun. We also have smaller fenced in yards for small dogs and dogs that have mobility issues so that they can still enjoy the country atmosphere.

While your dog enjoys playing during the day, you will enjoy having a relaxed and tired dog at home in the evening! All dogs are assessed for sociability prior to becoming part of the Daycare group. If the weather is not so nice outside then we move playtime indoors to our furnished Playroom where the fun continues!


1 Dog $37 per day

2 Dogs $70 per day


Daycare Packages
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Vaccine Requirements

At RoseWood Pet Resort, your dog's health is just as important to us as them enjoying their day or vacation with us.  As such,  all dogs are required to be up-to-date on their vaccinations, or have proof of current Titer Levels.

Flea, Tick and Heartworm prevention is also required from April to November.

Vaccine Certificates can be uploaded on our Customer Portal.

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RoseWood Private Dog Park

Private Park Play

RoseWood Pet Resort is now offering reservations for private access to our RW Private Dog Park for people and families that would like to enjoy private play time with their dog or dogs in a safe, fenced in country park atmosphere.  Private Park Play sessions are scheduled and reserved for 30 or 60 minutes per session.  We have 2 types of services:  

Private Park Play:  this service is for one household for private access with their dog or dogs

Private Group Park Play:  this service is for a group of households and their dogs for private play among doggie friends (current COVID-19 rules will be applied regarding outdoor social gatherings)

Private Park Play packages of 10 are now available!


60 Minute Private Park Play
1 Session:    $25 (plus HST)

30 Minute Private Park Play
1 Session:    $15 (plus HST)

60 Minute Private Group Park Play
1 session:    $40 (plus HST) 

If you would like to become a member or are a returning member and want to book a Private Park Play reservation, please use the information below to access the calendar for scheduling!  

Private Park Play Schedule


Please choose your reservation type below, whether you are new to Private Park Play or a returning member.  Just follow the instructions to schedule your day and time.  There will also be a link to pay for the reservation with PayPal.  

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